Oana Lup, PhD

Contact information

    Oana Lup at CEU

    Curriculum vitae

    • 1998 Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Bukarest
    • 2004 Master of Arts in Political Science, Central European University of Budapest
    • 2011 PhD in Political Science, Central European University of Budapest, title of dissertation: “The Relevance of Micro Social Contexts for Individual Political Engagement: A Comparative Analysis.”
    • August 2012 - July 2014 Research Associate at the Chair of Political Science I - Political Sociology, University of Mannheim

    Research interests

    • Comparative aspects of political attitudes, behaviour and knowledge
    • Social networks and political communication
    • Deliberative democracy


    Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger/Oana Lup. 2013. “Seeking the Soul of Democracy: A Review of Recent Research into Citizens’ Political Talk Culture.” Swiss Political Science Review 19,4: 513–538.

    Lup, Oana. 2010. “The Role of Political Discussion in Developing Democracies: Evidence from Hungary”. In: Ikeda, K./L. Morales/M. Wolf (Eds.), The Role of Political Discussion in Modern Democracies in a Comparative Perspective. London/ New York: Routledge.

    Lup, Oana. 2007. “Trends in the cognitive involvement with the European Union”. Paper published as part of InTune “Integrated and United: A quest for Citizenship in an ‘ever closer Europe’”, an Integrated Project Funded by the Sixth Framework Program of the European Union.

    Lup, Oana. 2005. “The Transformation of Social Network Structure in Democratic Transition: Does it influence individual political behaviour?” CEU Political Science Journal 1,2: 30-47.