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Manon Metz, M.Sc.

Contact information

A5, 6, Room 245 (MZES)

Phone: +49-621-181-2840
Fax:       +49-621-181-2067


Curriculum Vitae

  • September 2011-December 2014 Bachelor studies of political science and media- and communication studies at the University of Mannheim (B.A. thesis: „News Coverage of Citizen Initiatives: The Case of the Citizen Initiatives against Aircraft Noise in the Rhein-Main-Region”) 
  • Fall semester 2013 abroad at the Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
  • September 2015-July 2017 Master studies of political communication at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (M.Sc. thesis: „Personalized Campaigning on Facebook: Examining the Content and Effects of Professional, Private and Emotional Self-Personalization“)  
  • October 2016-August 2017 research assistant in the project  “Personalization in the European Union” at the Universteit van Amsterdam
  • Since August 2017 research associate at the Mannheimer Center for European Social Research (MZES), project: “Conversations of Democracy“