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Electoral Study Baden-Wuerttemberg 2011

Director: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Faas

Researcher: Johannes Blumenberg, M.A.


Electoral research is a well established subfield of political science, nationally as well as internationally. Over time, electoral research has developed high standards in both theory and methodology. In terms of substantive focus, however, German electoral research has been mainly focused on federal elections, while state elections have received only peripheral attention. Given the ongoing changes in the electoral process (lower rates of turnout, increasing volatility) that are especially pronounced at the state level, but also given the reforms of the federal system and – as a result of that – the increased importance of state politics, this focus is ever more inadequate.
In view of these considerations, an election study will be implemented in the run-up to the state election in Baden-Württemberg: “Election Study Baden-Wuerttemberg 2011”. The central focus will be placed on processes of opinion formation and decision making on the part of voters in the context of the German multi-level system of governance. With the help of theories and models from political communication and political psychology, these processes will be traced and analysed in details. In order to bring this research design to fruition, an innovative survey design will be implemented - for the first time ever in Germany - combining panel elements with the general idea of a rolling cross-section survey, yielding rolling cross-section panel waves. Survey mode will be online.