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Citizens and Democracy in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Project content

Systematic analyses examining the democratic character of political systems and especially the perceptions and attitudes of citizens about democracy on the basis of verified empirical findings have experienced an upswing in the 1990s and have been carried out in numerous countries.

Currently, a research project named Citizens and Democracy in Baden-Württemberg being part of the project Democracy Monitoring, based at the Mannheim Centre of European Social Research (MZES) at the University of Mannheim and financially supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and the City of Mannheim is scrutinizing the functioning of democracy in Baden-Württemberg as perceived by the citizens living in this German State.

Similar to the project named "Democracy Audit Mannheim (DAMA)" carried out in 2012/13, the project "Citizens and Democracy in Baden-Wuerttemberg"  (BDBaWü) scrutinized in a first wave by means of a representative telephone survey the political attitudes and behavioural orientations of citizens in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2016/17, a second survey wave was carried out.

Project directors and contact information:

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck, Tel. 0621-181-2062 (secretariat -2061);
Mail: schmitt-beck@uni-mannheim.de
Prof. Dr. Jan W. van Deth, Tel. 0621-181-2098;
Mail: jvdeth@uni-mannheim.de
Sarah Perry, M.A.